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This page highlights common answers to the most common questions involving fan repair & restoration and services provided to customers.

  1. What is my fan worth? Antique and vintage electric fans have several variables that affect their value. Condition, age, manufacturer, and desirability are all factors that affect a vintage or antique electric fan’s value. Additionally, there is always an un-restored value, the actual restoration cost and then finally a fully restored value involved with antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans. It is extremely hard to put an objective price on a fan, but in most cases I can (unlike other sites) advise you what a fair market value might be (+/- 10%) - Email me.
  2. Why are your prices so affordable? Plenty other fan repair/restoration sites routinely charge anywhere from $400-$1000 to restore antique fans. Some professional painting and pinstriping can easily run $300-$400 alone per fan with these companies. My prices are low because I choose to do this to keep the total cost of ownership within reach for the mass populous. If you have a decent fan that is worth $200, do you really want to spend $300 to get it basically rewired & cleaned when you could spend $50-$75? I pride myself on doing this work as an entertaining hobby while maintaining absolute professionalism in my work.
  3. Can my non-working fan be repaired? Sure, with enough money & time anything can be repaired.   At the end of the day, only you can determine if paying me to rewind your motor or source out a replacement part is worth the investment. However, since my overhead and labor costs are considerably less expensive, (see above), it may be worth it. In my experience, over 80% of all non-working fans are directly caused by improper or broken wiring, bad switches/speed coils &/or lack of maitenance issues.

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