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Sunday, April 29, 2012

First on the block ---- GE Fan Repair

I started off today with a new project fan to restore for a customer. It is a GE Model AE 14" with original green paint and steel blades. I simply love the old GE Green fans. This fan still has the original paint intact on most of the unit.

The owner is requesting an Advanced Repair and restoration which is basically a full disassemble, cleaning, rewire to original specs with new UL reproduction (period) wire, lubrication, balance & run check. This repair includes all new washers, bushings, wicks & brush cleaning of the stator windings. The finish will be left in tack on the housing & base assembly and simply polished out to original aged condition along with the fan blades.

All in all --- should be a fun project. Got my trusty Fluke meter ready.

Looking forward to finishing this fan and putting it back into service for another 70 years.

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