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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Open for Business!!!

We are finally open for business! After a long and difficult year of frustration and logistical setbacks, all remaining impediments have been removed. To this end, we are now fully staffed with a team of associates covering areas of Website Development, Inventory, Customer Service Management and Repair & Restoration specialists. This new array of personnel will allow for much smoother, professional and expedited experience for the customer in every regard.

Additionally, I have been spending the last 2 weeks reviewing and responding to the hundreds of recent emails to the official ANTIQUE FAN REPAIR email inbox. Orders are being queued in the date(s) received and if you still have inquires, send them to us -

Our new website is still in development and will feature a rundown of our new menu of service offerings and an amazing state-of-the-art automated form system that will allow for customers to complete prospective quotations for service with ability to attach photos of their fans for expedited handling. These quotations will also link directly to a work order ticketing system that will allow customers to track the status of their repair and restoration and also submit payment for invoicing through our online billing system without any delays or inconvenience.

Target date for website completion - Monday - January 27, 2014

Send all inquires for work or quotations for service to us for immediate processing

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support.

Monday, August 12, 2013



Fan Friends! I admire your patience and loyalty. After my house and workshop were in the works nearly a year in the construction process and over 6 months late, the closing fell through as the builder would no longer honor our purchase price contract and wanted an extra 10% at closing. After designing the entire house myself in CAD and finishing all of the workshop construction personally, I am not able to even own the place. Having to start over and absorb the unplanned expenses (both logistically and financially) has been arduous and challenging, but I am surviving.

In accordance with my optimism, I just located a perfect new construction home with only 2 weeks until closing, so I will be back in business ready for fan repair work in September 2013. I will still have a dedicated workshop with all of my original antique hand tools, just needed a faith to see it all through and recognize the path of what was intended.

Definitely a lesson about lemons...
living in faith.

Will contact you all as the end of the month approaches!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update on Repair Workshop!

READY 4/1/2013!


Due to a home building process that has taken considerably longer than expected, my fan repair workshop has been in a holding pattern. The majority of my equipment, tools and even fan projects have been trapped in storage containers and completely inaccessible. I have recently made substantial progress and procurement to enhance my fan restoration hobby.

The enhancements include the following:

  • Dedicated secure, climate controlled workshop 24' workbench and 1200 sq foot storage/equipment.
  • Wash sink and cleaning station dedicated to fan repair hobby activities only. 
  • Sand & walnut-shell blasting cabinet for proper paint surface preparation.
  • Free-standing antique polishing machine for brass finishing capabilities. 
  • New Fluke meters and antique Variac gear for proper voltage/cycle testing & schematics.
  • Contract with local PRO powder-coating business for outsourcing of pieces at reasonable rates.
  • Workshop with 110V and 220V and DC outlets pre-wired for testing myriad of components.

Please be advised that this new workshop should be ready by April 1st, 2013 so please keep your requests
on hold until that time. I will be getting things back and in gear starting at that time.

Thanks for the continued support.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First on the block ---- GE Fan Repair

I started off today with a new project fan to restore for a customer. It is a GE Model AE 14" with original green paint and steel blades. I simply love the old GE Green fans. This fan still has the original paint intact on most of the unit.

The owner is requesting an Advanced Repair and restoration which is basically a full disassemble, cleaning, rewire to original specs with new UL reproduction (period) wire, lubrication, balance & run check. This repair includes all new washers, bushings, wicks & brush cleaning of the stator windings. The finish will be left in tack on the housing & base assembly and simply polished out to original aged condition along with the fan blades.

All in all --- should be a fun project. Got my trusty Fluke meter ready.

Looking forward to finishing this fan and putting it back into service for another 70 years.

Email me to get an affordable estimate to repair your antique fan.