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Fan Repair Services

Here is a listing of the rough prices to repair/restore your antique fan.

Keep in mind that as a professional engineer, this is a part-time hobby that I have enjoyed for the last 10+ years. I am not looking to replace my day-job nor in most cases even turn a profit. I treat each project as its own individual restoration. Restoring relics of our history is something I enjoy and in most aspects, the art of the restoration itself is truly priceless.

Each fan tells a story of its life, its usage & its desire to continue working.

Basic Pricing:
In each level of service, I personally perform all of the work. This is a basic price sheet for most fans. Keep in mind that some fans are truly unique and parts may be scarce and expensive to obtain.
This pricing does not apply to very early "Tank" or Tesla/Edison fans. 

I reserve the right to adjust these prices with your approval contingent with my estimate before any work is commenced. I always provide an estimate. EMAIL ME TO GET GOING :

  • Basic Repair - $50.00 - This service includes the basic diagnosis of a working or non-working fan to ensure proper functionality & performance. Included in this price is the following: basic disassembly of major components, electrical analysis with Fluke VOM meter, rewiring of head unit, base unit and speed coil with UL-rated reproduction antique wiring including new period plug. Also includes basic lubrication of primary parts and basic exterior cleaning of motor housing, base & fan blades / cage.
  • Advanced Repair - $75.00 - This level of service includes all aspects of "Basic Repair" plus the additional tear-down of the motor assembly and oscillator (if applicable) units to test stator/field windings and all gears. Includes detailed cleaning of all parts & replacement of all washers, bushings, leather gaskets, wicks & lubrication of all components including oscillator assembly. Also includes stripping/polishing of fan blade to bare steel and/or brass depending on materials presented. Exterior cleaning is included w/basic polish. 
  • Restoration Grade - $100.00 - All aspects of Advanced Repair PLUS stripping down of all metal surfaces including base, motor housing, blades & cage and preparation & repainting of surfaces using enamel spray paint (multiple coats) plus clear coat. Polishing of all surfaces, plates & blades to your desired level of finish. Display grade for most collectors.
  • Factory New Restoration - Inquire (Depends on Fan) - This premium level of service demonstrates the ultimate level of professional restoration detailing including pain-staking steps taken to bring your fan back to Factory NEW condition. Included is professional stripping/sanding, multiple layers of automotive grade painting using professional spray painting equipment, clear-coating plus wet sanding between all steps and replacement of any/all parts to result in award-winning results. Closest to Perfection! 

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