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Monday, August 12, 2013



Fan Friends! I admire your patience and loyalty. After my house and workshop were in the works nearly a year in the construction process and over 6 months late, the closing fell through as the builder would no longer honor our purchase price contract and wanted an extra 10% at closing. After designing the entire house myself in CAD and finishing all of the workshop construction personally, I am not able to even own the place. Having to start over and absorb the unplanned expenses (both logistically and financially) has been arduous and challenging, but I am surviving.

In accordance with my optimism, I just located a perfect new construction home with only 2 weeks until closing, so I will be back in business ready for fan repair work in September 2013. I will still have a dedicated workshop with all of my original antique hand tools, just needed a faith to see it all through and recognize the path of what was intended.

Definitely a lesson about lemons...
living in faith.

Will contact you all as the end of the month approaches!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update on Repair Workshop!

READY 4/1/2013!


Due to a home building process that has taken considerably longer than expected, my fan repair workshop has been in a holding pattern. The majority of my equipment, tools and even fan projects have been trapped in storage containers and completely inaccessible. I have recently made substantial progress and procurement to enhance my fan restoration hobby.

The enhancements include the following:

  • Dedicated secure, climate controlled workshop 24' workbench and 1200 sq foot storage/equipment.
  • Wash sink and cleaning station dedicated to fan repair hobby activities only. 
  • Sand & walnut-shell blasting cabinet for proper paint surface preparation.
  • Free-standing antique polishing machine for brass finishing capabilities. 
  • New Fluke meters and antique Variac gear for proper voltage/cycle testing & schematics.
  • Contract with local PRO powder-coating business for outsourcing of pieces at reasonable rates.
  • Workshop with 110V and 220V and DC outlets pre-wired for testing myriad of components.

Please be advised that this new workshop should be ready by April 1st, 2013 so please keep your requests
on hold until that time. I will be getting things back and in gear starting at that time.

Thanks for the continued support.